Staples and Trends for Fall

As far as fashion is concerned, fall is my favorite season. The weather is always so nice and that allows for a lot of options when choosing your outfits.

I am so excited for some of the new trends I’m seeing this year, and we’ll get to that but let’s talk about staples first.

Staples are gonna be your ride or dies, these will get you through the season year after year.

  • A great pair of neutral booties. You’ll wear these with jeans, dresses, skirts, you name it. These are my go-tos.
  • Basic tees. My preference is short-sleeve (it stays hot in the south for a while) but any kind of tee will suffice. Right now, I’m alternating between white, navy, and black and white striped. They’re so versatile and perfect for layering too.
  • Denim. Skinnies are my bff and Target has quality choices; these are a great option. We’ll talk more about denim when we get to trends.
  • Cardigans. I linked a thinner option here, but any cardigan will be a perfect staple, whether its thin, chunky, or knitted, I love them all. I usually opt for black or gray because I know I’ll continue to wear them until they fall apart.
  • A camel trench. I am all for budget friendly, but I really feel this should be more of an investment piece. I have a great one from several years ago, but this one is very similar. You’ll get so much use out of this pieces for years. A flattering trench coat never goes out of style.

Now for the fun part, trends! There are so many trends for fall this year that I am loving!

  • Mustard Yellow is my favorite fall color.  You will literally see it everywhere. I resisted it at first but I’m all aboard now. So far I have this color in a tee, a dress, a skirt, and have my sights set on a cozy cardi.  It’s just such a fun, fall shade.  My new favorite mustard tee is sold out but here is a great, similar option that’s affordable for you try out the color.
  • Denim.  I told y’all we were gonna talk more about denim and here we are, a few trends I want to hit in this category. Firstly, Distressed denim; it’s nothing new (is anything, actually?) but I’m especially seeing it everywhere this fall. This American Eagle pair is my absolute favorite right now.  They’re so stretchy and comfortable, the fit is fantastic.  Next, is the denim skirt.  90s style is making a major comeback and denim skirts are so in again.  You can almost find a good one anywhere! Lastly, overalls. Yes, I said overalls. My Papa, rest his soul, would be so proud to see all the young ladies sporting his favorite style.  I’m still deciding on which pair to order and wear in his memory.
  • Plaid.  From a simple button down to a head-to-toe look you can’t go wrong.  Also, be still my “Clueless” loving heart because this Cher inspo is goals and I can’t get it in my closet fast enough.
  • Leopard has always been a classic to me, but you’re going to be seeing it all over this season and not just on shoes and bags.  Blouses and dresses are having a go at this print as well. I personally like to use leopard in small doses (these ankle booties are a dream) but if you’re going for a bold statement, a blazer would be perfect.
  • Slides/Mules.  I am so glad these are making the rounds, whatever you want to call them. They offer so much style without sacrificing comfort.  Blush slides are my jam at the moment but studded are a great option to add a little edge to your outfit.
  • A few honorable mentions: ruched dresses, button thermal tops, faux leather leggings, tie front tops, fall florals, bib dresses, and bells sleeves.

Over the next several days, I’m going to be sharing some of my personal pieces (with links of course) and how to style them different ways. Did I miss anything? What are your favorite staples and trends for fall?

I’m loving all that the fashion world is having to offer this season, now if it would only cool off enough to sport them here!

All the love,





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