Nail Inspo for Fall

So here’s my deal with nails, let’s see if y’all agree with me.  Summer is the “fun time” with nails.  We all do these crazy colors, designs, and combos.  But for fall, I swear all I see if black or deep red. What’s the deal with that? I say no more.  Fall can be just as much fun and experimental as summer with our nails. 

Whether you go to the salon on the regular, or if your like me, prefer an at home manicure there are so many good colors for fall to alternate through.  My favorite polish right now is Sally Hansen Inst-Dri polish.  Its so affordable ($4.99) and there’s so many shades! Here’s my (in no particular order) Top Ten:

  1.  White on Time – 113
  2. Go for Gold – 153
  3. Making Mauves – 183
  4. Buff and Tumble – 203
  5. Expresso – 413
  6. CINNA-SNAP – 393
  7. ASAP Apple – 383
  8. Grease Lightning – 553
  9. Midnight Drive – 493
  10. Black to Black – 573

I’m a big fan of mixing colors; I like to paint my ring finger different as an accent. Adding minimalist, modern designs is a go-to as well; a small black dot at the base of a white nail is so chic, or a solid triangle gives a little edgy detail.

A few more non-specific color options for you would be a deep purple, brown, and taupe.

I like the Insta-Dri because number one, its so budget-friendly.  I pick and chip my nails like crazy, so I go through polish pretty quickly. I need to be able to replace pretty frequently. The Insta-Dri also goes on smooth and lasts a decent amount of time; if I keep my nervous tendencies to a minimum I can get at least a week out of them. I usually do two coats and then finish off with the Clear Coat.  You can find them at most drugstores which means, easy access when you need something new or a replacement.  Lastly, the color varieties are wide and wonderful.

A well polished nail is the icing on the cake to a great outfit. Whatever you decide, rock it with confidence. When you’re happy and confident it shows.


All the love,



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