Be Thankful – Day Two

November 2

Day two, I am immensely and eternally grateful for my husband. Tim came into my life sooner than I expected, but as soon as I met him, I knew he was it for me.

He challenges me, inspires me, loves me, and drives me crazy. Saying we haven’t had our low moments would be a lie … and I’m not here to lie to y’all. There were times I didn’t know if we’d make it. But we’re both stubborn and more importantly, love the heck out of each other.

Being his wife has allowed so many good things to happen to me. I thank God every day I went to the movies on that January night (maybe I’ll share our love story one day).

Tim keeps me on my toes and my wit sharpened. He’s quick on his feet and always knows just the right thing to make me smile or blush, which he is probably most proud of. My binge partner (anyone got any new recommendations?), my sounding board, supporter, snuggler, crazy dancer, always on, my guy. Tim lights up my life everyday and while I’m not gonna pretend I don’t wanna strangle him sometimes, I couldn’t do life without him and I wouldn’t want to.

Every day I thank my lucky stars he’s my guy and I’ll never stop thanking them.


All the love,



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