2019 and Resolutions

My quote for this year

At the beginning of every New Year I always hear people talking about their “Word of the Year”. It always kind of seemed cliche and silly to me; one whole word to focus your year around? Seems like you’re setting yourself up for failure. But I’m sure you can see where this post is going, I changed my mind this year. And I picked the most cliche word ever. Might as well go whole hog with it, right?

My word for 2019 is “HOPE”. I’ve always been a positive person. Things never got me down or discouraged, no matter how bleak. That was not true of 2018. All year I felt defeated. I was just not me. It was bad thing after bad thing, sucker punches right to the face. Just when I thought I was getting a respite, life laughed and swung another left. And I let it. I dropped my gloves, hung my head, and took it. Absolutely, I have so much to be thankful for and I was blessed but boy, was it hard to get through the onslaught. So last night, as I watched the ball drop and I thought about what I wanted out of 2019. And I realized 2019 doesn’t care what I want. 2019 doesn’t owe me anything. I have zero control on what 2019 throws my way. But guess what I do have control of? Me. My outlook. My attitude. My hope that all of this is for reason, that I have a purpose, and all things work together for good. So for 2019, I will be hopeful. When this year throws whatever it does my way, I will smile, I will pray, and I will continue to hope.

I also have some specific hopes for my personal life and growth. Hopes for this blog, hopes for my marriage and children, hopes for me. Isn’t hope such a wonderful word? It is so many things all at once and this year, I’m writing it on my heart and living it out everyday. Now let me explain that quote, because I’m sure you’re saying “Kristina, that does not have the word hope in it anywhere” and you’re right. It doesn’t. But it fills me with hope. When scouring Pinterest for a quote to go with this and to put on my phone to remind me everyday, this one came up. And while it’s not necessarily all about hope, God sent it to me. I read it and I heard Him say, ‘Kristina, put your hope in me. It’s not naive, it’s not misguided. I know what I’m doing. When you’re unsure or scared or lost, hope in me. I got you.” And that, y’all, gives me all the hope I need for 2019.

What’s your word for this year? What are you hoping for?

Happy New Year and all the love,



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