Monday Momming – Makeup

Hey y’all! I’m starting a new weekly series on the blog called “Monday Mom Moments” and it’s dedicated to all you moms out there who need a little hand every now and then; lord knows I do! Every week I’ll be sharing a different “Mom Hack” I’ve learned along the way. Tips, tricks, and advice to make this #momlife a little easier.

Today on our first installment … Makeup. I don’t know about you but trying to carve out the time to get my makeup done is a challenge, to say the least. Between school, and sports, and errands, and pick ups/drop offs, and dinner, and …. you get the picture. Getting 20 minutes to put on your face seems impossible sometimes. I got you covered.

The car is the perfect place to get your makeup done! Yep, you read that right. The car; our in some of our cases the minivan. I started doing this when my kids where still in public school. I knew we had plans at night and after I picked them up and we got home, between homework, snacks, cooking, and getting everyone together, I wasn’t gonna have time to get ready. So out of sheer desperation, I took my makeup bag to carline with me. One of the best decisions I ever made (okay, that may be an exaggeration, but still). I don’t know about you but I was one of those moms who got in carline early, so I could get out of carline sooner. So here I am sitting in my van with nothing to do for 45 minutes everyday; I found something to do.

Let me explain why the car is the perfect place to get this particular task done.

  • The natural light is perfect. You’ll really be able to see what you’re doing and how it actually looks away from the artificial lights of your bathroom. It will also help you quickly solve the “Is this my correct shade?” questions. In my case, it was not. Que the trip to Walgreens.
  • It idle time filled. If you’re like me, makeup is a fun hobby. I’m always trying out new techniques and colors, this is down time that I don’t really have otherwise that I can fill with something fun and sometimes give myself a little challenge.
  • It’s quiet. No one is hollering “Mooooom” or “I’m hungry” or “Where’s this thing?” (It’s usually right in front of their face, am I right ladies?) You can turn on the radio, to what you wanna listen to, and have a peaceful moment creating the perfect winged eye.
  • You have time to get it done properly. I was always waiting til right before we walked out the door to throw on some concealer and mascara. And I would be bummed out all night that I didn’t get to do it right. This will give you a chance to get it finished and out of the way so you can be the best Mommy and both your beauty routine and your kids can get your full attention.

If you don’t do school pick-ups, just substitute in dance pick-up, or football pick-up or wherever it is you pick your kid up from, because like 45% of a mother’s job is waiting to pick your kids up from somewhere. If you’ve got little ones you’re bringing along, turn on that tablet or DVD player or let them nap. I scheduled my youngest, Lynie’s, nap for school pick up time. And when she was older and didn’t nap, she watched Monster’s University everyday (the school safety guards would gather at the window to watch too, hahaha) and I learned how to contour.

I hope this first edition of Monday Mom Moments was helpful. Let me know what your thoughts are, whether you’ve done this before, or plan to give it a go!

All the love,



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