National Let’s Laugh Day

“I love to laugh” – Bert in Mary Poppins

Today is National Let’s Laugh Day! I think that is actual cause to celebrate. Life without laughter would just be too sad. Today I’m sharing with you the top ten things that make me laugh!

  1. My Husband. Tim is probably the funniest person I know. He cracks me up. And he knows exactly when I need a giggle and how to get it. He is always doing something crazy. His personality is just so big and his is always game for anything. And he always gets my references.
  2. Lynie. Yes, I know I should be diplomatic and say “My Kids” but Lynie is just funny. I mean Caleb and Chloe definitely make me laugh but this girl is so weird and hilarious. She has been since birth. She use to run around when she could barely talk and say “What has four legs but doesn’t walk?” and before you could even open your mouth she would scream “A TABLE!!” and then we’d all laugh and laugh. She loves silly jokes and riddles. And is always quick witted.
  3. Friends. The show. Yes, I’m aware it’s been 15 years. I’ve seen every episode a million times (I’ve watch it every night to fall asleep since 2005). And it’s still funny every time. Ross screaming “PIVOT” and Fat Monica and “Could I BE wearing anymore clothes?!” I’m dying as I type this.
  4. Our neighborhood crew. We have this group of friends that all live in our neighborhood and during the summer, we live it up. We spend most of our weekends together, our kids all hang out, and we spend Saturday nights laughing all night. From indoor corn hole to card games, we always have the best time; not one moment is dull. “Go Big or Go Home”. That’s the motto.
  5. My Hockey Family. Now, not to be repetitive but Tim does contribute to a lot of this. Once, while in Tampa, someone picked on his tight T-shirt. His response was to go upstairs, come back with a jacket on, and wait. When someone mentioned it, he unzipped it to reveal he was wearing Caleb’s Hulk t-shirt and did a little show for us. Once, we played Beard Ball and I cannot remember laughing that hard in awhile. You really should checkout that game. Whenever we are together, the laughs flow freely.
  6. THIS video. Y’all. I saw this video over a year ago and I literally laughed so hard I almost peed myself. It’s just over 5 minutes and it’s worth every second. It’s still hilarious now, even with knowing what’s coming. I won’t say anything else. You just need to watch it. *warning : there’s a little bit of language*
  7. Corny jokes. I don’t what it is but those kind of jokes just slay me. My favorite is, Where does the General keep his armies? In his sleeveies. That is never not funny to me. The more infantile, the better.
  8. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Tim and I saw this in the theaters and cried. And then we continued to hysterically laugh in the car on the way home. And every so often, we watch it again and we still just die. It’s the funniest movie! Now, it’s Jason Segel and Russel Brand, you should brace yourself for some raunchiness, but man, you’ll laugh your ass off.
  9. The Office. Tim and I missed this show when it aired on TV, but we binged it on Netflix. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but we so enjoyed it. We’ve watched it through a few times because we are still so amused. Caleb has really taken to it too. What Friends is to me, I think The Office will be to him.
  10. Babies laughing. You show me a baby laughing, and I will giggle uncontrollably. Now that Facebook automatically scrolls videos, I will get lost watching videos of babies laughing. I mean, c’mon that is just pure joy.

Now, if none of these things or people tickle your fancy, I’m sure you have something that turns over your giggle box. So enjoy International Laugh Day. Laugh it up. Laugh till it hurts. And then do it again tomorrow. Because, truly, laughter is the best medicine.

All the love,



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