First, let me say, be kind. It’s taking every ounce of my “don’t give a shit” (which is always in short supply) to post this swimsuit try-on for y’all. I know I’m nowhere close to overweight and I don’t have body issues but toned, I ain’t. *DISCLAIMER* Please keep your back roll, love handle, c-section belly, and deflated boob comments outta here; I’m a mother of three, things ain’t where they used to be *she shurgs and laughs*

Swimwear shopping is hard. For everyone. I totally get it. But I love the pool and I love the beach so, swimwear shopping I go. And I actually had some pretty good luck at Target this year! ((Me at Target, go figure haha)) Below are the ones I tried on, the ones I’m actually buying, and how they all fit.

This orange one piece is super cute. On the hanger, and maybe on you, but definitely not on me. The cut-outs hit me in all the wrong places. I am wearing a Medium and the zipper is functional (although I think that might be dangerous if you have small kids you tote around in the pool). Full booty coverage is a plus. It’s $29.99 and I suggest sizing up.

This Palm Frond Pink one piece was I one I really wanted to like. I’d heard other bloggers rave about it. I just didn’t. They only had a small in store (I almost always size up in swimsuits) so that’s what I’m wearing here and I think you could probably be safe in your normal size as this one fit okay. Low back with adjustable straps and a little bit cheeky but nothing too risque. It’s $29.99 and also a pass from me.

This plunging neckline one piece dream was a resounding YES for me (and my husband). I tried on my normal Small and it fit perfectly so I say TTS. The ladies look better than they ever have so that was good enough for me. If that’s not a selling point for you the tie strap, full booty coverage, and adorable lace detailing should do the trick. $39.99 but woulda paid way more.

I am on the fence about this two piece. I didn’t bring it home but still debating it as I love the details and colors (the stripes are a definite red; would be great for 4th of July). It doesn’t have great support in the chesticles area although it does come with straps you can add. The bottoms are high cut and high waisted which I am so into. Again, a little cheeky but not alarmingly so. I’m wearing a medium top and small bottoms (again, no medium in store) and I highly suggest sizing up. Top is $14.99 and Bottoms are $17.99

This was my favorite one and if you don’t like it, you can just keep that negativity to yourself. This two piece has textured polka dots and the cutest little handkerchief tie details on the top and bottom. It’s high waisted and full coverage. It comes with a strap for the top but I’m definitely rocking it strapless. Wearing mediums in both and they fit perfectly so go up a size. I love, love, love it. Top is $14.99 and bottoms are $17.99.

Another two piece that is more of a traditional bikini. I loved this one too. The colors are great and the square neck and little cut out at the back gives it a little oomph. I’ll be wearing this at the pool for sure. The straps are adjustable and give great support. I’m wearing a medium top and small bottoms but ordered mediums (why don’t stores carry more mediums, man?) so size up. Top and bottoms are $14.99.

Lastly, is this ribbed leopard two piece. Y’all. I really thought I was going to hate this, but I am in love with it! So fun and the high waist is perfect. I’m wearing medium bottoms and small top and it was a little tight so I ordered up on it as well. This one has the most butt-check exposure, but not too much, and I found I didn’t think it was excessive. Get all over this one because I have a feeling it will sell out. Top and bottoms are $17.99.

If none of these tickle your fancy, Target has such a larger selection this year, I’m positive you’ll find something you like. I’ll be doing an Amazon haul a little closer to summer as well, so be on the lookout for that.

All the love,



7 thoughts on “Swimwear

  1. ROBIN says:

    OMG Girl you look amazing! I don’t even have kids and your body looks even better than mine =) These are all great choices, I love the leopard, but yes It will probably sell out quick! I better get one before it does lol! Thanks for sharing!


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