What 2019 Brought and What 2020 is About

2019 was something. Lots of ups (which we’re gonna talk about) and lots of downs which we’ll talk about too). I truly believe God tested me in 2019; and honestly I’m not sure I passed all of those tests. My word for 2019 was Hope and I think to an extent, that word served me well. I maintained hope and pushed through the hard times but boy where there some times I did not want to be hopeful. I’m going to recap 2019 here a bit and then we’ll talk about 2020.

The year started out great! Our Clemson Tigers won (another) National Championship! In dominating fashion I might add. The 2018 Alabama team was lauded as the best team ever and “lil’ ol’ Clemson” wasn’t ready. Well, I guess they were because Clemson won that game 44-16. Dabo and the team are getting ready for another Natty appearance in a couple weeks so let’s hope for a similar start to 2020.

On Valentine’s Day I made a drastic change to my look. Backstory, I’ve had long hair for forever. I loved it and vowed to never be short again. Then I was diagnosed with Lupus and between that and all the meds, my hair started coming out at an alarming rate. I didn’t really have much choice but to chop it; long, stringy hair isn’t such a good look. Thankfully, my wonderful friend, Leslie, knocked it out of the park and I loved it (although I think extensions will be a part of 2020). Lupus kicked my ass in 2019 but this haircut was one small victory in that battle.

In 2019, the Lucas kiddos competed a lot. Caleb finished out his ninth season of hockey with a league championship. Quick backstory, 3 years ago there was a major split and shakeup in our organization. Some people left and when they did it left Caleb’s age group in question of whether we could field a team. We had 5 boys and a couple coaches. That’s all we knew. Well those boys and those coaches wanted it and made a solid, winning program that all culminated in winning this championship. I can’t express to y’all how amazing and special that championship is to all of us. In 2020 so far, they’re still killing it and just earned a trip to NATIONALS in MICHIGAN. Proudest hockey mom ever.

Chloe had a rough 2019. She closed out 2018 with a pretty brutal elbow injury. So going into her level 5 gymnastics meets for 2019, just having gotten clearance to go back to a full workload, all we asked for was a score-out (a minimum score required to move to the next levels). Thankfully, she did that and she got to move to optionals (which means she gets to have her own individual routines). She’s been working so hard but some mental blocks and a little bit of fear has crept in and she’s struggled. It’s been so hard to watch her deal with it. Trying to help her through it has been one of my toughest challenges as a mother. Going into 2020, she’s finally getting to a more confident place. Her meet season just kicked off and I can’t wait to see her persevere and shine.

Lynie used 2019 to try some different things. My little wild child has the biggest personality and even bigger dreams. She went to an audition for a play (didn’t get it but it ignited a spark in her). She played Girls Hockey. She danced and sang her heart out. She made new friends and lived her best, wild child life. 2020 holds another hockey season, until March, and then she’s decided she wants to start working on those triple threat skills. Well, that’s her plan as of two days ago anyway.

In 2019, Tim and I celebrated fifteen years of marriage. Can y’all believe that? That’s a long time. And trust me, there were times I did not think we were gonna get to this day. God couldn’t have created two people more different. 2019 (& 2018 too) really tried our marriage. In 2020 I know we still have some growing to do. But I know we will do it together and that God is going to strengthen our relationship. Tim is the most fun, talented, crazy person I’ve ever known and life with him is an adventure. Cant wait to see what year 16 brings.

A few more 2019 highlights :

  • We went to the Carolina Cup (a South Carolina Kentucky Derby) and had the most fun being fancy for a day.
  • I got a tattoo for GISH! I’ve wanted this Harry Potter-inspired tattoo forever and this charity scavenger hunt I do every summer, finally gave me the push to do it. I couldn’t love it more.
  • We had another beautiful vacation with our best friends in Destin. Can’t wait for what we decide to do this year.
  • We finished our second year of homeschool and began our third. It’s been so good for our family so far. And we’ve all learned so much.
  • I got to dress up as Sarah Sanderson for Halloween with some of my girls, and I gotta say, we crushed it.
  • We took a family field trip to Washington D.C. and it was such an enriching, fun trip. We did everything and sharing that with Tim and the kiddos, the conversations that were sparked, it was just so special.

Alright now let’s talk about 2020

My word for 2020 is COMMITTED. I have so many goals, I always have, but I usually let the small stuff get in the way and never quite reach them. Not in 2020. This year I am going to be committed to getting shit done y’all. I’ve got a fire in my belly and I’m ready to run at it. Is it going to be hard? ummm YES. Am I going to fail? You betcha. But I will stay committed to these goals and not give up. Some of those goals include:

  • Elevating this blog and really pushing my creativity here
  • Working out (in away that’s accommodating to Lupus)
  • Finally organizing my house
  • Being a more present mom
  • Reading more (even if it’s via Audible)
  • Being a little more adventurous

All that brings me to my verse of the year. I was reminded of this verse on one of those stupid Facebook quizzes. Doesn’t God find us in the craziest ways sometimes? It’s one of those well-known verses that Sunday School kids can rattle off, but when Facebook (i.e. GOD) gave it to me, He said “Stop worrying. We got this.

Man, that got long-winded. Sorry about that, hopefully you made it to the end. Apparently, I had a lot to say about 2019 and I am ready to bring it in 2020!

Do you chose a word or verse for the year? I’d love to hear them. Leave them down in the comments.

All the love,

2 thoughts on “What 2019 Brought and What 2020 is About

  1. Stephanie says:

    It looks like a challenging but blessed year that you’ve had! It’s so funny how God reaches us on certain moments, especially when we need Him. I hope 2020 treats you super well and is one to remember! 🙂 ♡


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