The Hair Dyer Everyone Can’t Stop Talking About

I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere but I couldn’t help myself. I had to talk about this Revlon One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer.

First, as a disclaimer, I left the hair in it on purpose. I wanted y’all to obviously know I use this product. This is in no way sponsored (where you at, Revlon?), but I always want to be authentic with y’all. I’ve been using this hair dryer since February. I wash my hair two times a week, so yea, it get a lot of use.

There’s a reason why bloggers everywhere can’t stop talking about this dryer. Because it’s amazing. My review is glowing. Here’s what I think :

  • It does what it says. Volume for days. My hair is naturally very flat and very thin and any volume I get is due to this hair dyer.
  • Easy to use. I got this the week I chopped my hair, so I didn’t get to use it on my long hair. In all honesty, it’s probably a little more difficult to maneuver with a long mane but that kinda comes with the territory. For short hair, it’s a dream. Glides smoothly and quickly.
  • Cuts down drying time. Speaking of quickly, it legit takes me like 5-8 minutes to dry my hair now. That is all! Worth it just for that.
  • It gets hot. Like really hot, it has a low setting and a cool setting that work well too but I like the high. Because of the heat, I definitely recommend using a heat protectant and watch your fingers because it will burn.
  • Long Cord. I love that the cord is long. That may seem like an afterthought but I am a fan of it reaching all the way across the bathroom. Makes moming while drying much easier.

I’m going to link it up to three different stores for you. That way you can shop it from your favorite place. I know I’m finicky about that sometimes. Right now, Amazon has the best price.




Go check out my Instagram stories to see how I use it.

Also going to link my bathrobe here for y’all. Tim and the kiddos got it for me for Christmas and I am obsessed with it.

All the love,


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