Tie-Dye Fun

While COVID-19 has us all stuck at home, a lot of us have been looking for things to keep us busy, whether that’s house projects (don’t worry that post is coming too), organizing, or arts and crafts. One super fun project we did was tie-dye! Which also happens to be a MAJOR trend this season. So, yea, I jumped on it!

I checked Amazon first for kits but they were sold out of everything! Literally, couldn’t find one single set of tie-dye. So I reached out on Facebook and a friend suggested Michaels curb-side pickups. Y’all, I didn’t even know they were doing that. Tim (and his wallet) is probably really glad for that haha! Here is the kit I purchased and the type of shirts (youth sizes here).

**pro tip – wash the shirts before hand and dye with them damp, the colors will be brighter**

The kit comes with so many colors, you just add water and shake it up. My only tiny complaint is they’re small bottles so the colors do run out quickly. It also comes with gloves (highly recommend using those), a tarp to put down, and rubber bands. We googled different ways to rubber band them and then just kind of winged it. All the patterns came out really cool.

Here’s my Clemson-inspired shirt.

After applying the dye, we let them sit in the sun, still banded up, for about an hour. Then we cut off the rubber bands and hung them to dry on the porch.

I let them hang, drying overnight and then ran them through a quick wash and dry the next day. They all came out great!

We had so much fun doing it, even Caleb got into it, that we decided to try bleach tie-dying as well!

It’s so simple and you probably already have all the stuff you need at home.

All you need is :

  • A spray bottle
  • One part bleach
  • One part water

Mix all that together, shake, and start spraying. For the black shirts, if you want it white and not orange-y, you really need to drench it. The color shirts came out really great too!

I embraced the orange-y bleach look for mine
Of course I had to have a pink one

Over all this project was a blast and we each got a few new shirts! It only cost me about $50 total for the 4 of us.

**I do want to note, I sized up to a Medium and then cropped my shirts, just by cutting off the bottom portion**

Let me know what you think of this project and whether you think you might try it!

All the love,


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