“It’s never Lupus”

lupus meme

“It’s Never Lupus.” Tim and I used to watch House every week and laugh every time he brought up lupus. A disease that I knew nothing about and never cared to even google. It was the punchline of our favorite cranky tv doctor. It’s not so funny when the doctor tells you lupus is what you have. Here’s my journey to a diagnosis and what came after.

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Lupus Awareness Month

Hey y’all! Did you know May is Lupus Awareness Month? I’m assuming you didn’t. I didn’t until last year, the first year I could fully appreciate (is “appreciate” the right word? I don’t know) what this month means.

As you know, Lupus affects my day-to-day, all the time. I am and my family is aware more than just this month, but I thought it might be interesting to do a week of blog posts to just share our experience with this disease.

Because irony isn’t lost on Lupus, the post going out tomorrow was supposed to go out today, but my body just said “No” to just about everything but laying down today. SO … tomorrow I’ll be sharing my Lupus story from diagnosis till now. And later this week I’ll share some more specific “What is Lupus” information, what it’s like living with someone with Lupus (the kiddos will be making a guest appearance), the Spoon Theory, and what a day in my life with Lupus is like.

Hopefully I’ll be able to raise some awareness and my story can be helpful or encouraging to someone else.

All the love,