Monday Momming – Phone Mointoring

Life as a parent is scary nowadays. Used to be, we roamed free as kids; “come home when the street lights come on.” I remember riding my bike to my heart’s content and sneaking to watch MTV (my father was so strict about what we watched). Now, I have to worry about them accidentally clicking on “Momo” or porn while on my couch.

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Monday Momming – Mom Fails

This Monday I’m gonna get real with y’all. I’m talking Mom Fails. I don’t know about you, but I have been failing a lot lately. And not just oh I burnt dinner or my cake fell apart, fails. Oh no. January was one big ol’ fail.

Wanna hear what my resolutions for 2019 were? Be a better mother and wife, get my house in order, take better care of myself, and keep This Serendipity running smoothly. But guess what?

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Monday Momming – Makeup

Hey y’all! I’m starting a new weekly series on the blog called “Monday Mom Moments” and it’s dedicated to all you moms out there who need a little hand every now and then; lord knows I do! Every week I’ll be sharing a different “Mom Hack” I’ve learned along the way. Tips, tricks, and advice to make this #momlife a little easier.

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