Instant Pot Pulled BBQ

I don’t know about y’all but cooking a delicious dinner for my family can be really time consuming. Time I don’t really have. Enter Instant Pot. I got one for Mother’s Day and its a godsend. Since it’s Labor Day, I’m sharing my favorite BBQ Instant Pot recipe.

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White Chicken Chili

We love chili! And we love quick and easy recipes, that require minimal clean-up. This White Chicken Chili fits the bill. It tastes so good and is kid approved.

As you’ll see, I’m pretty no-nonsense when it comes to recipes. There’s nothing I hate more than to find a picture of yummy looking meal and then have to scroll through 43 years worth of writing and a million photos to find the actual recipe. So I’ll get right to it … my version of a White Chicken Chili.   Continue reading