The Best Basic Grey Dress for Spring

Going into spring from winter requires lots of layering possibilities. A grey bodycon dress is more than up to the job. This grey tank option I’m wearing was a TJ Maxx find but I’ve linked two almost identical dresses. I’ve shared the denim jacket a few times but I cannot stop raving about it; it’s so good.

Jacket // Dress Option 1 // Dress Option 2 // Hat // Shoes



First, let me say, be kind. It’s taking every ounce of my “don’t give a shit” (which is always in short supply) to post this swimsuit try-on for y’all. I know I’m nowhere close to overweight and I don’t have body issues but toned, I ain’t. *DISCLAIMER* Please keep your back roll, love handle, c-section belly, and deflated boob comments outta here; I’m a mother of three, things ain’t where they used to be *she shurgs and laughs*

Swimwear shopping is hard. For everyone. I totally get it. But I love the pool and I love the beach so, swimwear shopping I go. And I actually had some pretty good luck at Target this year! ((Me at Target, go figure haha)) Below are the ones I tried on, the ones I’m actually buying, and how they all fit.

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Coffee with a Cutie

image1 (7)

Life gets busy and I’m always pulled in a million directions and bless her heart, Lynie just always goes along for the ride. I had a minute to spend with her so we went and had a little coffee/coco date. She told me all about the stories she makes up in her head. Today’s was about the Tooth Fairy playing tag with the Gingerbread Man. She also hit me with her best blogger pose. Continue reading

I Voted


Today, the most important accessory I could wear is my “I Voted” sticker. I truly believe that voting is one of the most important responsibilities we have in our country and we shouldn’t take it for granted. I take the kiddos every time I vote, to instill in them the importance of this privilege  so that when they are old enough, they’ll be informed and vote.  Continue reading