What I learned from a Global Pandemic

Hey y’all! Guess who? No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. Although, it felt like it. I missed y’all and finally feel like I’m in the right headspace to write and share again.

So let’s go back a year. COVID-19 hits and the world shuts down. And here I am … a mom and a blogger. I tried to be postive and make the most of the bad situation. Sharing the paint colors we finally had time to use on all the house renovations we’ve been saving for when we had free time.

“Hey y’all look at these new floors, here’s all the info”

“Three Ways to Tye-Dye at Home”

“Who needs homeschool tips? Let me tell you how I get through a day of schooling”

“Let’s try-on all these fun stay-at-home comfy sets I just found”

Helpful for some, sure. But I just felt so ridiculous and small when so many other bigger things were happening. Like millions out of jobs, loosing people to sickness, whole lives flipped upside down. Did anyone really care what I ordered from the Target curb-side pick-up?

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